We aspire to be a world-class company

with sustainable growth

addr: 101, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

tel: +82) 02-566-4545


ES Creators is a holding company that plays a critical role and ensures sustainable growth along with enhancing competitiveness of the group by establishing the business portfolio and expanding new enterprise ideas through strategic Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). In order to develop as a best and share core values of Eunsan with public, we will cultivate and nurture the relationships with the people and organizations we engage.


Establishment: 09. July. 2009

President: Young Soo Jung, Gil Su Kim

Capital Stock: ₩ 265,430,000

[Affiliated Companies]

1. Eunsan Civil E&C Co.,Ltd.

2. ES Development Co.,Ltd.

3. Apex Stone Co.,Ltd.

4. ES Investor

5. JAVIS asset management

addr: 101, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

tel: +82) 02-566-4545


Eunsan Civil Engineering and Construction is the parent company of Eunsan Group and it has been grown into one of the nation’s leading Corporation in its industry for having an outstanding technology performance. For long-term infrastructure investments, such as highway, bridge, subway, bay, railroads, etc., several projects have been completed by Eunsan C&C and been recognized as a high end quality by prioritizing the needs and satisfactions of customers.


Establishment: 04. Aug. 1993

President: Un Taek Joung, In Hyung Cho

Capital Stock: ₩ 2,908,080,000

[Holding Licenses]

1. Engineering (010518)

2. earthwork (Seoul 02-80)

3. reinforced concrete (Seoul 10-61)

4. water and sewage facilities (Gangnam-98-13-27)

5. pavement  (Seoul 16-20)

6. deconstipating[laxative] suppository & waterproof (Seocho 01-03-02)

7. Scaffolding and Demolition Works Contractors (Seocho 01-07-03)

8. Boring & Grouting (Seocho 01-14-02)

9. underwater construction (Seocho-13-15-01)

addr: 823, Dongtansunhwan-daero, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

tel: +82) 031-5183-5477


As a general construction company, ES Development executed variety of projects including road, bay, public facility using its extensive industrial experience and expertise. Also Eunsan has invested in research and development for Zero Carbon and Reducing Energy projects to advance the eco-friendly needs as a leader in the industry. ES Development will fully commit to its passionate drive as an eco-friendly company and lead to offer new dimension of cultural space.


Establishment: 25. Feb. 2005

President: Young Soo Jung, In Hyung Cho

Capital Stock: ₩ 9,200,000,000

[Holding Licenses]

1. Construction Contract Bidder Evaluation (Year 2018)

2. Firefighting system installation (2019-02-00594)

3. Electric construction (Gyeonggi-05099)

4. Landscaping Works (10-0209)

5. Civil & Architect works (10-0336)

addr: 340, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

tel: +82) 02-3474-8750


ES Investor is a full-service Venture Capital and is well known for its creativeness and unique leadership to focus on future and goal oriented businesses. Beyond general financial support, ES Investor provides professional services including business management consulting, marketing, and more to leverage the value of invested businesses. Not only contributing as a positive impact to the economic growth, all commitments and efforts ES Investor dedicated to a new sector has been promising and will continue to manage for the best outcomes.


Establishment: 29. Nov. 2013

President: Young Soo Jung, Zong Yeon Yoon

Capital Stock: ₩ 10,000,000,000

Business Sector: Financial Investment Venture Capital


addr: 101, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

tel: +82) 02-3488-4785


Eunsan Group established new business in 2015 that invest real estate & development. From the successful development of the” Dong-Tan projet” to the newly launched BUSAN, and ICK-SAN Project, APEX Stone will be expected to make a synergy between Construction company and Develop Company


Establishment: 12. Mar. 2015

President: Un Taek Joung

Capital Stock: ₩ 600,000,000

Business Sector : Real Estate Development

addr: 8F, 82, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

tel: +82) 02-2135-5910


Established in Aug 2017, Jarvis Asset Management(“Jarvis”) is an independent investment manager overseeing KRW56.4billion in equities and credit assets. Based on investment Professionals’ deep experiences in corporate restructuring, distressed private equity, high-yield credit and opportunistic real estate, Jarvis offers investors a risk-adjusted long-term capital appreciation, primarily through financial and operational restructuring of target companies.


Establishment: Aug. 2017

President: Sung Wook Kwon

Capital Stock: ₩ 2,310,000,000

Business Sector: Private Equity Funds

We promise through Quality Management, Precision Management, and Customer Surprise, Eunsan will become a trusted and beloved company by public.

Since Eunsan Group’s establishment in March 1993, our continuous Precision Management and Loyalty base background along with prioritizing Quality Management and Customer Surprise have led us to become the best construction company. Besides the main business sector, construction, Eunsan has expanded to two more business sectors including Financial and Development Business to pursue as a best of the best corporation.

Construction Sector consists of establishments engaged in Highway, Tunnel, Dam, Bridge, Port, Plant, Government Projects, Gym Facilities, Cultural building and architecture projects, Living spaces, and etc.
Eunsan has participated actively in all variety fields of constructions and has invested significantly in Research and Development for Zero Carbon and Reducing Energy projects to reform as an environmental friendly company.

In addition, the fundamental elements for financial sector are professionalism and probity, and these two sectors has been and will continue to be a promising new positive growth for the company.

We, Eunsan, appreciate all your continued support and will strive for business excellence as a great role model by representing in a consistent manner and delivering outstanding returns.

President of Eunsan Group

Rail road / Tunnel

ES has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for rail roads and subways to provide efficient public transportation.
Incheon Railway
DeoK So-Wonju double track railway & Yangpyeng Station
Janghang double track railway
Asan Seonun Two Arch Turnel
→ Onyang~Sinchang double track railway & Station Construction → Incheon Railroad Line 1-15 Area → Gwangju Railway 1-1 Area → Janghang Onyang elevated Bridge Construction → Gyungchun Line Double track railway 3 Area Construction

Specialized facilities

ES has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for specialized facilities.
Tae An Power Plant
Incheon marine transportation Control Center
Gojan High School
Jeonbuk public official Training Institue
→ Gunsan Ritz Plaza HOTEL → Gunsan Regional Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Government Complex → Incheon International Airport Boarding Construciton "A" Area → Dangjin Module Factory → 2014 Incheon Asian Games Main Stadium Construction


ES has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for highways including local roads and bridges for the state economy.
Suwon – Osan Expressway
Sin Gal Bypass
Iksan-Jangsu Highway
Kwangdong Dalbang Dam
→ Osan 3-14 Area Two Road Construction → Expressway 50 Area Singal-Hobub Extension → Obong Area irrigation facilities maintenance → Hoopyeung Rain & wastewater Separate System → Gimpo-Hanganro Canal


ES has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for ocean site, such as reclamation, port, and yacht related facility (dock), while continuing effort to maintain a safe and clean environment.
Lotte Word (The Second building)
Incheon Port(North)
Song-Do Area Reclaiming
Jeonok Ocean Industry Complex
→ GM Daewoo R&D Building Site Build UP → Jeongok port theme port build up → 2012 International Exposition YEOSU Korea EXPO Practician → 2014 Incheon Asian Games development of marina yacht port

New & Renewable

ES has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for Green Energy oriented buildings.
environment research Center : Climate Change
Daejeon Zero Energy Town House
Yongpyung Greenpia
Pohang-Jangryang APT
→ Sokcho-JoyangArea national lease APT → Gangdong LotteCastle → Incheon Daewooje Living environmental reform → Song-Do Global Campus PrugioBuild up


Eunsan will has completed major construction projects with a high quality results for Complex buildings and APT-Factory for Knowledge Industry Center.
APT-Factory, Dong Tan
Complex Buildings, il-san